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Adding a serum (or two!) to your routine is a great idea, but it can also be hard to know where to start.

Reviving Serum | 1% Retinol



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Robyn Meadows
Excellent Product

This is my first time using a serum and I am totally happy with it and the results I am getting. Brought the tester and now on to the bigger bottle. Helps with my acne and my skin feels so much softer.

Great product

It was my 1st time useing a product like this,I was a little bit nervous as I've heard people can react ect but I found this super gentle I started off once a week and worked up to daily use. I have definitely noticed improvement in my skin and look forward to seeing more results over time.

Tester perfection!

I bought the 3mL tester of the revive Serum a couple of weeks ago and it's been awesome. The product feels so nice on my skin, and it's been great being able to buy a cheap tester before committing to a bigger bottle, what other companies do that! Will definitely be making another order soon :)

Love it!

First time using retinol. Have been using for a few weeks now. I have always suffered with acne and congestion around the chin area. This is the first thing (other than accutane) which makes a difference. Skin also feels softer. I’m obsessed.