We are a small team

Based in small town Aotearoa

Hamilton to be exact. Our (very) small team consists of me, Christy, a bit of help from hubby Mike and my awesome cousin Katie keeps being roped in too... and any friend who drops by at the moment.

About FaceStuff

Sometimes make up is your armour against your battles.

Sometimes you need a bit more confidence to help you walk tall.

Sometimes it’s to show off the best you.

Sometimes its to compliment your outfit.

Sometimes it’s to cover up the tiredness of life.

Is this you too? All of these are me, but my number 1 rule of all of these is my make up needs to be easy to use. 

I used to be scared of makeup. I was terrified I would wear it all wrong.  I guess it was a confidence thing.  As I’ve “matured” I don’t want to wear it every day, but I do wear it with confidence. I’ve found a style that suits me, and I can slap it on in 10 minutes and I think it looks natural (she says with still a tiny bit of trepidation).

What I love most about the facestuff products is none of them need a full you tube tutorial that you have to pause and rewind half a dozen times to make the product work for your face.  Frankly, I don’t have time for that shit, I just need to tick one of the boxes above and get on with my day.  

Makeup doesn’t actually have to be complicated, it can enhance the very best of you. After all life is complicated enough, and your makeup routine doesn’t need to be.

I’ll still be leaving eyeliner to the pros and the youthful though!

FaceStuff products are products that us skincare and make up rookies can easily incorporate into our busy days wearing all of the hats and juggling all of the balls, to make the cut products must tick all three of these boxes;

✔️ Cruelty free
✔️ Do what they say they will
✔️ Affordable

All the cosmetics and skincare products you see on this website are cruelty free and almost everything is vegan (exceptions are clearly noted on the product). Every single cruelty free make up or skincare item that you see online is tested by the team (and some willing friends) before it appears online.

I personally stand by everything that you see online, so if you buy something and don't love it you can get a full refund or a store credit. We offer free shipping on all orders over $99 (with no rural surcharge!).

Thank you for stopping by and having a look around. If you have any questions about any of the products please use the contact form below.

Christy x

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