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About FaceStuff

Everything you see on this website is cruelty free. Almost everything you see on this website is vegan (with the exception of some clearly marked products that contain beeswax). The original idea for the website was a place to buy cruelty free products that had been tried and tested (rigorously) by me. But the idea morphed into something else…a hub of products that have been designed and developed by kiwi women.

By shopping online for cruelty free cosmetics you’re not only supporting the woman in business typing this (that’s me!), but all the women in business behind the brands that you see in the FaceStuff Co store. I went to extra effort to not only source products from businesses that are female owned, but brands that aren’t owned by a parent company that tests on animals – that’s how the big guys suck you in!

I don’t want this to be the biggest or even the best online store for cruelty free and vegan skincare and make up, I just want this to be the place that loyal people, who give some effs shop at, who then tell a couple of friends who give some effs and together we can genuinely, really, authentically support the hustlers, the disruptors and the change makers, who quit working 40 hours a week for someone else so they could work 80 hours a week for themselves.

I've been using cruelty free cosmetics and skin care for about 10 years, in the last five years I've made the move to natural skin care. One thing that I struggled with about using cruelty free products was that the big name brands that weren't testing on animals were owned by bigger named brands that were testing on I felt like it kinda defeated the purpose.

The last few years have seen the emergence of small brands, that have been developed by New Zealand business women and those are the products that I have gravitated towards. By shopping small you are supporting the women working from home (and the office) to build a business that aligns with their personal values, so you can be assured that they give an eff about what you're putting on your face.

I'm pretty vocal about the importance of supporting women in business by buying what they sell (and telling people about it), so, behind every product you see in the FaceStuff store is a woman working for herself and employing other women, and there's also this woman (me), who has hand chosen and tested each and every product (for months) for the woman reading this.

Thanks for popping in, for stopping by and having a look around, you can read more about me here. If you have any questions about any of the products please get in touch, I will try my best to help!