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Kathleen Berriman
Retinol to the Rescue

Really enjoying using this product. I feel it has evened out my skin and has smoothed out the texture.

Hannah Blaikie
Liquid gold

Really impressed with this so far. I’ve had a prominent pigment spot on my forehead of late, and it’s already starting to sort this out after a few weeks of use. Bonus having the added hyaluronic acid. My aging skin can do with the all help.
Love the black bottle too. Feels like a magic bottle of sophistication, protecting the gold from the outside light. And isn’t it what’s on the inside that really counts?

2 weeks in seems awesome

Only two weeks in and was already a retinol user so this slipped right into my routine easily. After two weeks I’m quite impressed but retinol is the long game so time will tell. The only thing I don’t like is the black bottle it’s in as not knowing how much is left gives me anxiety lol! The clear bottle that they hylauronic is in I can see exactly how much is left but the black bottle gives me no clue and I need to know so I can order more before it runs out if that makes sense. I know I’m only 2 weeks in and ot should still last a while but it’s the unknown. I like that the label is black so it differentiates it from the morning serums for blind people like me who wear contacts and then can’t see when washing my face I’m morning and night but if the bottle could be reconsidered that would make me more likely to purchase again. Working mum so the less anxiety in my life the better and I know it seems small and silly but those five min routines at the beginning and end of my day are my only ‘true me times’ :)

HI Monique

Thanks so much for your feedback. There is method to the madness: retinol degrades when exposed to sunlight.

You can expect about 60 applications from a 30ml serum bottle, so with daily use you can expect a bottle to last two months. If you are using it daily we recommend using the 100ml bottle.

The good news: you'll get an email to remind you that you're almost out of serum. All that being said, if you would prefer your serum in a clear bottle we are more than happy to do that - just leave a note at the checkout.

Thanks again for your feedback!

Suzanne Schulte
Great product - fantastic value!

I’m a long term retinol user and was really keen to try this retinol/ hyaluronic acid combo. I’m using it in the PM and using the Brightening Serum in the morning and after a week of consistent use my skin is looking Botox level fresh! It’s got a beautiful feel on the skin, absorbs really well and it has a lovely unassumingly fresh fragrance. But the value for money on the 100ml bottle has got me already lining for refills! Amazing product.

Michaela Sheehan
Works a treat.

I’ve been a consistent retinol user for a few years and like to change it up every so often. I am thoroughly enjoying the texture and added hydration with this serum, as well as the results on my skin. My texture is diminished, a smoother looking forehead and overall better, brighter skin have been some of the short term results I’ve seen. Applies well, scent is great and the value for money in the sizes available is epic!
Will be repurchasing for sure!