Tanning Mousse | Violet | Dark

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Great soft tan

I was pleasantly surprised by this tan!

I'm a light skinned (yellow undertones) redhead who tans religiously & has trialled MANY a tan in my time.
I applied with a mitt, it applied evenly, dried relatively quickly and wasn't sticky. I wore it for the day at work and while I was bronzed, it didn't look or feel like I was marinating in tan. It lasted about a week, and just faded away. I wore a black dress so can't comment on staining BUT my dress didn't feel gross afterwards so let's call it a win!

Pros: Really nice natural tan colour
Nice formula, easy to apply
Faded softly after a week - no major noticeable patches left to scrub!
Didnt smell for bad while wearing it for the day.
No stickiness!

I didn't like how it smelt when applying - however the smell faded quickly!
It wasn't as dark as I would have hoped - I will trial applying a second coat next time, or just save it for mid winter when I want a natural looking tan 👌🏼
It did last about a week but I think next time I would use a tan extender to keep it's depth.