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Gets better over time

I really like this product. It's a bit messy when you first start using it. After reading some reviews that had hints in them (only peel back the seal halfway max), I was ready to try it out and I haven't looked back. My hair seems to get better as the day goes on and I can put it in one morning and my hair is still ok the following day - absolutely unheard of with the sprays! I will be buying this again.

Connor Dove
Dry Shampoo

Love this, great product

Jessica D.
Love love love

Love it so much. I only peel the sticker half way back so i dont use too much at once its awesome

A R.
Love it

This dry shampoo is better than any canned aerosol brand I've used before and it gets better as the day goes on as well which is a bonus as some sprays I've used are great for half a day but get yuck after that. Also amazing that it doesn't make my dark hair look super grey as it is colored for dark hair.
Love it , would recommend it to anyone.