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Raw Nature

Natural Deodorant | Assorted Scents (now vegan friendly)

Choose a scent

Nicky from Raw Nature has been working hard behind the scenes to re-formulate these natural deodorants - they are now beeswax free so they are vegan

  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan
  • No parabens
  • No phthalates
  • No sulfates
  • Cardboard tube packaging
  • All natural
  • No longer contain beeswax (vegan friendly!)

Raw Nature Natural Deodorant update: So Vanilla has been re-formulated so that it is now "baking soda" free (and has magnesium instead). All Natural has been released and is free from fragrance and baking soda!

I've been using natural deodorant for a few years but switched to the Raw Nature deodorant a year ago to test it out myself in my quest for more products for FaceStuff Co. I love that this deodorant comes in an easily recycled tube and I don't have to dip my fingers into a jar and then rub them on my under arms.

To read about making the switch to natural deodorant click here

This deodorant is super effective - I have had zero issues with odour and there haven't been any white or yellow marks left on my clothes from using this natural product. Some have a stronger fragrance (naturally) than others, which is something to consider if you feel a bit funny about scents.

Leave the lid on the deodorant when you first attempt to push it up, and push it back down with the lid if you use a bit too much force - easy fix! I have found the deodorant goes on super easily and I have used hardly any product at all - these should last you at least six months!

These natural deodorants are hand made in New Zealand, and are never tested on animals (but have been tested on me), and are available in the following fragrances;

  • Get Lucky (musky floral - features ylang ylang)
  • Nature Nerd (spicy with a hint of citrus - features orange & bergamot)
  • Wild Woodland (gender neutral, softly scented - features cedarwood)
  • So Vanilla (pretty vanilla - features vanilla) BAKING SODA FREE
  • Dessert Island (fruity floral sweetness - features rose geranium & lime)
  • Fresh Freak (minty freshness - features spearmint & peppermint)
  • Rosey Glow (floral AF but in a good way - features rose geranium)
  • Freedom (limited edition fresh scent for summer!)

I know it's hard to decide which deodorant to buy (I get asked a lot), Get Lucky and Rosey Glow are the most popular, closely followed by So Vanilla and Dessert Island.The most mild fragrances are Nature Nerd and Sour Power.

If you love this, check out the full range from Raw Nature here.

So Vanilla Natural Deodorant ingredients: NZ Beeswax, organic coconut oil, organic tapioca starch, magnesium hydroxide, vanilla and manuka essential oils

All Natural Deodorant Tubes Contain: Organic coconut oil, NZ beeswax, organic tapioca starch, baking soda, manuka and grapefruit and ylang ylang (Get Lucky), orange, bergamot and black pepper (Nature Nerd), cedarwood, lavender and rose geranium (Wild Woodland), rose geranium, lime and peru balsam (Dessert Island), spearmint and peppermint (Fresh Freak), rose geranium, ylang ylang (Rosey Glow), lemon and clove essential oils (Sour Power)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Lovely deodorant

    Previously I was using Sarah's Day natural deodorant but didn't love the idea of having to apply it with my fingers so when I found this deodorant I was over the moon - the scent it loving, it goes on so easily and definitely lasts throughout the day. I purchased vanilla and its great - can't wait to try other flavours too.

    The best natural deoderant I've found

    I've lost count at how many natural deoderants I've tried over the years! These Raw Nature deoderants are truley the best I've found. Having tried half the selection I really love the Freedom scent, it's so fresh. It's so easy to apply & I love that the packaging can be recycled!

    Easy to use

    Comes in great scents and the cardboard tube makes it easier to use than other natural deodorants.

    Feeling Rosey

    So many scents it was hard to choose, but I settled on Rosey Glow and have zero regrets! It smells absolutely divine 💕 I have sensitive skin and sometime natural deodorants can feel a bit harsh, but this one doesn't irritate my skin at all.

    These really work!

    Love these natural deodorants, they apply nicely and smell great. The Roses Glow is my favourite scent so far.


    ★ Product Reviews

    Real feedback from real customers

    196 reviews
    New fave!

    So great being able to get some samples to try... I got BB, CC and two Mineral Moisture to try. This had such great coverage, even on my slightly random prego skin at the moment. I got porcelain (yip pale as) and it’s a great colour. Love the texture and it lasts all day. So impressed I’ve also purchased the Mineral Tint for more weekend wear

    Such a great product! Smooth, lightweight and the SPF is great bonus. Would 100% buy again.

    So soft and refreshing

    Best thing I took camping was this!
    Days of being lathered in sunblock and sweat and sand and this MAGIC cloth just helps to wash it all away. Bonus is the quick dry time when you use the handy tab. Teenager loves it too!

    Just what I wanted!

    Nice coverage, enough to cover my tired dark eye circles but not feel weighty, skin felt so soft all day,! I usually react to these type of product but nothing after 5 days use. Test pot is quite tricky to open if you have moisturiser on your fingers 😀

    Great mascara!

    Definitely the best cruelty free one I've tried