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Mineral Highlighter Pen

For a long time I have loved the look of highlighter, but in practise, when it comes to application, I'm just not very good at it. That's why this highlighter pen is a game changer for us mere makeup mortals who don't have a bevy of brushes and tools to contour with.

This mineral highlighter is super simple to apply - wind it up and wipe it on. Be warned you might find yourself winding and thinking nothing is happening...however...behold under the bristles there is a whole lot of mineral illuminating goodness just waiting to be smeared on your face - proceed with caution when winding!

I wind it and swipe it across the tops of my cheeks, in the arch under my eye brows and down my nose. If I've got someone I'm really trying to impress (at the grocery store because that's the only place I go these days), I put some down my nose and on my cupid's bow.

If you're looking to level up when it comes to your makeup game, this is a great option. The mineral highlighter pen is easy to apply, the product blends seamlessly, it's sheer, it's got just enough shimmer, it's forgiving, it's foolproof! It works well with any of FaceStuff Co's face products because I've tested it.

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So good!

Love these deodorants, they’re easy to use (don’t get stuck in the tube) and they don’t crumble or break. The scents are great too.

Fabulous cleaning cloth!

I love my magic minky, so much so I've got 3 and ordered my sister 2. Great to use with a cleanser, washes really well and stays super soft in the dryer! You need one or.... 5!

So amazing! So soft!

Love love love these magic minkies! I have a few for myself but have given some away as gifts and everyone is converted!
Thanks Renee ☺️☺️

Best brush ever!

This brush is something else! It's so soft and applies my FaceStuff Mineral Matte foundation flawlessly. I highly recommend this brush.


These are actually magic! Large size means it can be used more then once (cleanly) before washing! I remove my makeup with this then follow with a cleanse! Meaning less product used as I don’t need to double cleanse