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Mineral Bronzing Powder

I know I say this about all of the products, but...a little goes a long way. You have been warned - by someone who has overdone the bronzer on more than a couple of occasions (I love living life on the edge with a dimly lit bathroom only to get back into the car AFTER daycare drop off and hell-low bronzer!).

You will use so little of this product that in six months time the OG texture will still be on the bronzer when you open your compact. Just ask me. I should know. So you'll need a brush (I'm working on sourcing some that even us amateurs can use). I've found a contour brush works best, but you can improvise with a blush brush.

I know it's not ideal to have to invest in a new brush - so I'm trying to be solutions focused here...I have attempted to use a powder brush and bit off way (way) more than I could chew, but if you have faith in your bronzer brushing abilities and would like to give it a nudge with a powder brush then give it a good tap (like the pros) and go well my friend, go well.

Refills will be available for the compacts but I don't envisage anyone needing a refill for at least three years so we've got plenty of time to get that sorted - don't stress.

Customer Reviews

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Suzy M.

I just put a little bit of this over CC cream, love it! I probably went a shade too dark but just means I put less on.

Michelle P.

As someone very pale I was worried this would be a little too much for me, but it is great. I'm using a small fluffy brush which is working well so far. After a few weeks of use it still looks brand new.


Mineral Bronzing Powder

M H.

Love the bronzer. Nice colour, I have olive skin & with the use of a angled thinner brush can get the definition and depth of colour I need.
Would purchase again. Subtle but defined look.

Jordan W.
Perfect colour!

This is such a great bronzer shade, not dirty looking at all with a nice amount of warmth. It's quite pigmented, as the description says. So a little really does go a long way, but it's really easy to blend out too.

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Love the Fairy Dust! I have blonde hair and I find this much more forgiving than the old dry shampoo in a can 😅 I used Renee’s pro-tip and only pulled off half the sticker so that too much powder doesn’t come out. Works really well and lasts for ages.

Fool proof brow product

Life changing! I was a big fan of brow pencils but I find this product is so much easier and more effective. Easy to apply and hard to stuff up. If you go a bit heavy you can just wipe it off. So good!

Genuinely couldn’t imagine my life without this product. I’m such a lazy skincare person but after seeing the changes in my skin from using the Skin Juice range I have changed my ways. People actually comment on my glowy / dewy skin which has never happened in my entire life until now. I love how hydrating the Bio Juice is and how quick and easy it is to apply. You will definitely not regret purchasing this!

Love at first wash

I’ve been using another oil cleanser for a year or so and recently switched to the Drench. Wow, love at first wash. My skin absolutely loves this stuff. My face feels so soft and smooth, I am in love.