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Magic Minky Cleaning Cloth | Pink

I got something similar to this cloth in my Santa sack for Christmas the year before last and I thought it must have been a mink blanket for a king size bed...for the master a dolls house. I was a sceptic, I didn't believe that a piece of fluffy cloth would remove my makeup - I was wrong.

These cloths remove ab-so-lute-ly every scrap of make up - long wearing matt lipstick, waterproof mascara - all it takes is some warm water and a few laps around your face. They. Are. Magic. They are super gentle though and won't damage your lashes - whether they're natural or "extra".

So now that I've convinced you that you need this cleansing cloth in your life, you just need to decide if you'll push the boat out and buy two at once or buy one now just to see if I'm not talking it up too'll also need to choose between pink, black or grey.

Using your make up remover cleaning cloth

Just add water. You may choose to pre-wash your cloth (in the washing machine is fine) or just jump straight in (I'm a jump straight in kinda gal). Soak your cloth in warm water and then use it to remove all your make up - no products needed.

This cloth will remove all make up (even mascara) and leave your skin feeling fresh and clean. I use a cleansing cloth with just water in the morning and follow with the ORA Botanicals Revitalising Mist and then the rest of my morning routine.

At night I use a cloth with ORA Botanicals Oil because I like the feel of the oil on my skin. I follow with the ORA Botanicals Calming Mist. These cloths are the perfect option for using with the ORA Botanicals Uplifting Steam & Soak (usually in the morning) and the ORA Botanicals Soothing Steam & Soak (in the evening). 

With the FaceStuff Co cruelty free range of products growing, I'm looking to work with beauty bloggers, influencers, content creators and product testers, you can find more info here.

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Customer Reviews

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Stephanie F.

Fantastic! Makes cleaning your face at the end of the day so fast, gets everything off 1st time and so soft.

Stephanie C.

Absolutely love love love the magic milky cloths so soft and get everything off your face first time highly recommended

Love these

I had heard great things about the Minky Cleaning Cloths so got three. I am so glad I did, they are great. Super soft and so effective. Even remove a good majority of my super stay tubular mascara. I have recommended these to quite a few people since I got them.

Oooh it's so soft!

My tweenage daughter and I were already converts to the power of the magic minky.
My son recently completed a week of performances as part of his school production, and needed an effective solution to remove all that stage makeup. I gave him one of my grey minky cloths (and one to his friend who stayed the night also). They both were impressed how soft the cloths were, and how effectively it removed their makeup.
My son's skin looks great considering he's had a week of late nights, makeup, quick dinners - and I'm sure that a lot of this is down to the minky!

Lynda G.
Wish I bought magic minky sooner

I need more of these on my life

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Must try!!

Awesome product for my combination skin-
A little bit goes a long way,finally found something that likes my face!

Smudge Budge

What a great little product! Smells lovely, glides on and makes even the toughest make up smudges disappear.

Love this!

Smudge Budge just glides on the skin & leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. Another great product, so glad I was influenced to buy this :-)

The bees knees!!

I would have to say this is my favourite Skin Juice product, have had so many compliments about my skin after using this!! Face doesn't seem so blotchy and looks more fresh. It's hard to put into words how amazing this product is - if you are unsure, buy it, you WONT regret it!


WOW!! Having very sensitive somewhat tricky skin, Bio Juice leaves it feeling soft and supple. Would definitely recommend.