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Skin Juice

Facial In A Jar | Assorted

Choose your facial

These natural masks from Skin Juice are a great weekly treat if you are finding your skin needs some extra love. These facial treatments come in a small glass jar with an aluminium lid and a small aluminium spoon - all of which can go in your kerbside recycling!

I like to have a quick morning facial while I answer emails (the luxury of working from home) but you might like to have an evening treat. Your mask only needs to be on for 3-5 minutes to work it's magic and is easily removed with your favourite cleanser or just a Magic Minky remover cloth.

There are three different options available;

Brightening Berry Natural Face Mask

  • Targets dehydration, inflammation and irritation
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and for use during pregnancy
  • Contains plum and berry fruit acids to brighten and hydrate the skin
  • Contains lactic acid to stimulate collagen renewal and target pigmentation
  • Contains papaya enzymes to remove dead skin cells revealing a fresher complexion
  • Use a small spoonful up to three times a week

Plumping Pumpkin Natural Face Mask

  • Targets uneven skin tone, aging, redness and dehydration
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Contains pumpkin to increase cell turnover and smooth skin
  • Contains mandelic acid to gently remove dead skin cells
  • Contains a botanical alternative to Vitamin A to stimulate collagen production
  • Use a small spoonful up to three times a week

Purifying Pineapple Natural Face Mask

  • Targets congestion, breakouts and acne
  • Suitable for oily and combination skin
  • Contains pineapple to clarify skin and improve congestion
  • Contains mandelic acid to gently exfoliate and renew skin
  • Contains lime to fight against acne causing bacteria and balance skin
  • Use a small spoonful up to three times a week


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Best lightweight foundation cover!

I loved this. My skin leans on the dry side, so this dewy tint with SPF makes my skin look great! Originally bought as a weekend wear makeup, but have found it good enough to wear to work too!

Creamy lipstick

Love the colour and feel on my lips, keeps them moisturused and colour lasts well. Will definitely order more colours 😊

Great product!

I really enjoy using the primer and especially the added SPF factor. It is a really light formula and has what I’d describe as “soft silicon” texture out of the tube. It goes on really well. My only con is that it I need to use a reasonable amount to get coverage - maybe 3-4 pea sized amounts. Not a massive downside but a “good to know”. Love how it feels under the CC Cream.

Love this oil. I use in the evenings before bed along with some other skin juice products and go to bed feeling like my skin is glowing and super nourished.

Lovely face cleanser

I’m a recent convert to oil cleansers. This is a really nice one, feels lovely on the skin and has a pleasant, natural scent. I use at night with my magic minky and other skin juice products and feel like I go to be with super nourished skin! Love it.