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Where do I start? Cruelty free skincare edition.

Where to start with skincare

If you're just starting out with cosmetics and skincare, the best place to start is with cruelty free products - so you've come to the right place! Everything you see here is cruelty free and most products are also vegan.

Where do I start with skincare?

It's never too late to start with skincare, and I know that a lot of you are in your mid to late 30's (like me!) and just starting to think about skincare. Start with;

  • a cleanser
  • a face cream

That's it. Don't overcomplicate it or over commit or break the bank buying stuff for your face.

I discovered Skin Juice one night when I was searching the internet for a skincare range. It had to be cruelty free, and I was enjoying using natural skincare, but I needed something with a bit more oomph after having two kids in two years.

You can find the Skin Juice Glow Guide here. The guide will step you through the evening and morning routine as recommended by the team at Skin Juice, this will give you an idea of the process.

How do I know what skin type I have?

Skin Juice have formulated different products for different skin types, and you can use this guide to see which products should be best for your skin type. You can find test pots here that will help you make sure you're choosing the right products before you commit.

Once you've found a cleanser and a face cream that you like and your face likes, and you're working a skincare routine into your day, you might like to add a skin drink and some night time nutrition (again, you can use this guide to help).

What if I have "problem" skin?

If you have concerns about your skin (or it seems like it's dry and oily and sensitive and has breakouts all at once!) the very best idea is to go and see a skin therapist for a consultation.

This will give you an idea of the products your skin needs and eliminate the need for trial and error (and possible break outs and flare ups) when it comes to starting or changing your skincare regime.

What about my teenager's skin?

Again, start simple. Start with Multi Juice Skin Drink, it's a two in one product and a great way to start getting your teen into a routine. Your tween or teenager could then add a cleanser and a face cream and maybe even a scrub, depending on their skin.

There is a Skin Juice value pack for tween and teenage skin here that will help you decide which products are best to add to their routine.

I have oily, acne prone skin, what should I use?

You can use this guide to help, but there's a quick breakdown below;

Night Time Routine

Step one | Juice cleanse | Pulp Clarifying Cleanser
Step two | Skin drink | Multi Juice Skin Drink
Step three | Overnight nutrition | Rejuice Night Oil and/or Pineapple Punch Mattifying Cream
Bonus supplements | Eye Love JuicePurifying Pineapple Facial In A Jar and Revival Refining Face Scrub

Day Time Routine

A Magic Minky makeup remover cloth is a good way to start the day
Step one | Skin drink | Multi Juice Skin Drink
Step two | Daytime nutrition | Pineapple Punch Mattifying Cream

What are the best options for breakouts?

I have been having sporadic break outs (could be the Perky Nan Lumps) and I've been using Purifying Pineapple Facial In A Jar - I pop it on in the evening and then wash it off before completing my evening routine.

I have also had rave reviews about Liquid Blemish Clearing Serum - adults and teens alike have had great results using this product on breakouts.

My skin is dry AF, what should I use?

For dry, flaky or lizard like skin (especially on my hands or feet) I use Green Juice Balm, it comes in a cardboard tube or a plastic tub. It can be used on any scratches, scrapes or rashes on mini humans too.

Apply Green Juice at night as a skin hydrating treatment mask to help prevent moisture loss overnight.

Bio Juice is another great option - it's a skin drink and should be used in place of a toner. I use it morning and night. I also use Flower Nectar at night and Superfood Night Oil (you can grab all three as a combo here).

If you'd like a mask, the Vanilla & Honey Mask is a great option (and can be used overnight), or for a salon type treatment, I can recommend the Plumping Pumpkin Facial In A Jar.

Best product for pigmentation?

Hands down, the best product I've ever used for pigmentation (and I've used them all in the last 10 years!) is the Juice C Vitamin C Powder. My only regret is that I stopped using it for a few months.

I've recently started using it again and it really makes such a huge difference - my skin is clearer and brighter. It's easiest to use when mixed with Bio Juice (add a small spoonful to about four pumps of the tonic) - I use it in the evening, It's very important to use a sunscreen when you use Vitamin C.

You can grab a combo here.

If you could add one thing to your skincare routine, what would it be?

Bio Juice. It's hard to explain, but once you try it (you can buy a test pot here), you will know what I mean. If I'm allowed two items I'll take the Bio Juice and Juice C Vitamin C Powder.

I have sensitive skin, what can I use?

The Smudge Budge Cleansing Balm has been especially formulated for sensitive skin. There are also lots of customers with sensitive skin who have had great success with Bio Juice (but please grab a test pot and try before you commit). Green Juice is another safe option (it's safe for use on a four week old baby) and Good Juice is also worth trying (again, please grab a test pot first!).

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch - Alana will get back to you ASAP!