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Product FAQ's

Here's some common questions about some of the most popular products

  • What's the difference between Bags Be Gone and Peeper Perfector?

    I would describe Bags Be Gone as part of your makeup routine and Peeper Perfector as part of your skincare routine.

    Bags Be Gone lightens, brightens and tightens the under eye area and can be worn under your make up. Peeper Perfector is a soothing product to help with puffiness and tired eyes and is best used when you won't be applying makeup straight away.

    Bags Be Gone is applied using a doe foot applicator, it is dotted under the eye and then patted on with the ring finger - the product absorbs quickly and can be easily worn under makeup. Bags Be Gone lightens, brightens and tightens dark circles under the eyes.

    Peeper Perfector is an oil based product is applied using a stainless steel roller which is great for cooling and soothing the under eye area. The oil rich formula means this product doesn't absorb instantly and isn't ideal for applying makeup over the top.