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FaceStuff Packaging

It’s important that you know how much time I put into thinking about the packaging for FaceStuff Co. I went back and forward for months brainstorming in the privacy of the shower, how I could make FaceStuff Co deliveries exciting to open, but environmentally aware.

It’s a tough one, because when you’ve spent your hard earned bucks, buying something on the internet, it’s nice to feel like the recipient of the bucks appreciates those bucks, but we all know the feeling when an online order arrives and the plastic and wrapping gives us anxiety.

So, I finally made some decisions, and I’m happy to step you through them for your peace of mind before you buy from FaceStuff Co:

I ordered some custom tissue paper (that features a hand drawn design by Bron Alexander) from NoIssue. NoIssue tissue use paper that is from sustainable, socially responsible and environmentally friendly sources. NoIssue also use soy based ink. The design on the tissue doesn’t include the FaceStuff Co logo or name, so that you can re-use the tissue for whatever your heart desires.

Bron also drew an illustration for the gratitude cards. I explained that I wanted these to be “keep cards”, so there is no logo, Instagram handle or web address on the front – just a hand drawn design and a quote. The first series of four feature short quotes from my fave, Brené Brown* and I hope that you’ll collect them – or pass them on to someone else.

I also agonised over courier bags. I ordered every sample pack available from local suppliers R3 Pack, and tried to anticipate what would work best. I know that compostable courier bags are a great idea – but I know that not everyone has a compost bin. Recyclable courier bags are also a good option, but I didn’t want to add the soft plastic recycling to your already long list of life admin.

After much consideration, I settled on a paper courier bag. These paper courier bags are made from recycled paper and can either be put out to be recycled with your paper and cardboard for kerbside collection or composted in your home or commercial compost.

The first orders sent out will have corrugated cardboard as an extra layer of protection – as I have a roll in my office that’s about two years old, but once that is gone, I will give the Geami Wrap a go from R3 Pack. If your item happens to contain shredded paper, rest assured that this is a genuine byproduct from my mum’s office – it can be recycled or mulched.

What I’m trying to say, that as well as giving an eff about your face (and stuff) and about not testing stuff on animals, I also give an eff about the impact that online shopping has on our planet, and I hope you can see that I am trying to get it right. There is always room for improvement, and if you have any feedback or suggestions, please get in touch and share them with me.

Otherwise, you can go back to shopping for face stuff. And stuff.

* If you don't know about Brené, then you need to follow this link and work your way through aaaaaall the YouTube clips - I promise you'll end up inspired AF


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Best lightweight foundation cover!

I loved this. My skin leans on the dry side, so this dewy tint with SPF makes my skin look great! Originally bought as a weekend wear makeup, but have found it good enough to wear to work too!

Creamy lipstick

Love the colour and feel on my lips, keeps them moisturused and colour lasts well. Will definitely order more colours 😊

Great product!

I really enjoy using the primer and especially the added SPF factor. It is a really light formula and has what I’d describe as “soft silicon” texture out of the tube. It goes on really well. My only con is that it I need to use a reasonable amount to get coverage - maybe 3-4 pea sized amounts. Not a massive downside but a “good to know”. Love how it feels under the CC Cream.

Love this oil. I use in the evenings before bed along with some other skin juice products and go to bed feeling like my skin is glowing and super nourished.

Lovely face cleanser

I’m a recent convert to oil cleansers. This is a really nice one, feels lovely on the skin and has a pleasant, natural scent. I use at night with my magic minky and other skin juice products and feel like I go to be with super nourished skin! Love it.