CC Cream, Mineral Tint, Youthful Glow or Mineral Matte? I'm confused!

I totally get it - I am a make up rookie and easily confused by this too! Let's try and clear up some common questions that people ask when trying to decide which cruelty free product is going to work best.

Unfortunately BB Cream was discontinued unexpectedly - sorry, I know that's disappointing when that happens. So if that was your favourite product, you're probably looking for an alternative.

Alternatively, you might be looking for something for every day wear or weekend wear or special occasion wear.

What is Mineral Tint?

FaceStuff Co Cruelty Free Tinted Moisturiser

Mineral Tint is essentially a tinted moisturiser  - a lightweight, mineral-enriched moisturiser with a touch of colour and broad spectrum sun protection (SPF 20). The Mineral Tint is cruelty free and vegan, and the formulation is oil free (so no greasy effect!).

Mineral Tint is made in the USA to the highest EU cosmetic standards, each tube is cruelty free, gluten free, oil free, paraben free, phthalate free, fragrance free, sulfate free, GMO free, dye free and talc free.

Coverage is light. Mineral Tint works best with moisturiser and then a primer. If you have oily or combination skin, choose the Perfecting Primer, if you have dry, mature or balanced skin, choose the Smoothing Primer.

If you like the finish of Mineral Tint but need some more coverage, I find that this product layers very well over the CC Cream. So I apply Smoothing Primer then CC Cream and then the Mineral Tint for a bit of lift and a dewy finish.

The Mineral Tint has two different options - natural finish or glow finish. Natural finish is just like a standard tinted moisturiser, the glow finish has a more dewy effect (and is my personal fave).

    You can find testers for the Mineral Tint here.

    What is CC Cream?

    Cruelty Free CC Cream

    CC stands for Colour Correcting or Complexion Correction, CC Cream is a better option for those with pigmentation, blemishes or redness. If you would like to brighten and correct skin tone you can increase coverage by layering the CC Cream with Mineral Tint or Youthful Glow Foundation foundation.

    The CC Cream comes out white, the idea is that it will brighten your complexion and minimise the appearance of pigmentation and redness. The CC Cream is cruelty free and has an SPF of 20 to protect from UV damage.

    I use a moisturiser, then sunscreen, then a primer under my CC cream.  - which is my recommendation for the best and longest lasting application. For oily or combination skin, the Perfecting Primer is the best option, for dry, mature or balanced skin, the Smoothing Primer is the best option.

    Then I add the Mineral Tint for a "no makeup look" or Youthful Glow Foundation for the days when I'd like a bit more coverage. On days when I want full coverage I choose Mineral Matte Foundation.

      You can find testers for the CC Cream here

      How do I decide between Mineral Tint and CC Cream?

      I do highly recommend you test both to see which one works best with your face and fits the best with your lifestyle. You will be able to test the coverage, the tint and the finish for yourself before you commit to a full tube.

      You can find test pots here

      If you have oily or combination skin or you are prone to break outs, the CC Cream and the Mineral Tint are both oil free formulations, so either of these two might be best for you.

      If you have sensitive skin the Mineral Tint is Octinoxate free - an ingredient that is great when it comes to protecting from UV rays but can irritate some sensitive skins.

      If you are looking to minimise the appearance of hyperpigmentation and/or redness the CC Cream is a good option. You can layer it with Mineral Tint or Youthful Glow Foundation for extra coverage.

      Mineral Tint offers slightly less coverage but has more tint, and is available in natural (semi matte) and glow (dewy) finishes. CC Cream offers slightly more coverage, has no tint and a semi matte finish.

      What about Youthful Glow Foundation?

      Cruelty free foundation

      I've tried to keep it simple by only offering two types of foundation - because it can be very overwhelming. Youthful Glow Foundation offers medium coverage and is a great option for dry and mature skin as it doesn't settle in fine lines.

      The finish is much more dewy than the Mineral Matte Foundation. I find that using a primer makes the product go on better and last longer. If you have oily or combination skin, choose the Perfecting Primer, if you have dry, mature or balanced skin, choose the Smoothing Primer.

      If you find that the coverage isn't enough, I like to wear CC Cream underneath to help even out my pigmentation, but you could choose to layer with Mineral Tint.

      There are a range of shades available. You can use this guide to help determine your skin tone and undertone. You can buy some test pots here.

      If you would like a full coverage option or have oily or combination skin, the Mineral Matte Foundation might be a better option for you - so you should definitely try both.

      What about Mineral Matte Foundation?

      Cruelty Free Mineral Matte Foundation

      Mineral Matte Foundation is the option with the most coverage and a very matte finish. This formulation is oil free and is great for oily, combination and acne prone skin. It will also work well on balanced skin.

      I have dry skin so prefer the Youthful Glow Foundation, but if I feel like I want full coverage for an evening out or a meeting (or a day at home with my kids), I will reach for the Mineral Matte Foundation.

      I find that no concealer is required (the coverage is that good), but it does go on better and stay on better with a primer. I wear the Perfecting Primer when I am wearing Mineral Matte Foundation (I wear the Smoothing Primer usually).

      There are a range of shades available. You can use this guide to help determine your skin tone and undertone. You can buy some test pots here.

      If you're still confused, definitely start here at the test pots, or get in touch if you've got some more questions.