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My Morning Routine

by Renee Johansen |

I work from home (and mum from home and wife from home), so I don't get out much which means my morning routine is quite simple - which is just the way I like it. Every morning I start with the Magic Minky Cleaning Cloth (I use a pink one in the AM - just 'cos), I just use warm water and wipe my face.

If I feel like I need a bit of extra ritual or a mini meditation, I use the Uplifting Steam & Soak. This blend was created by qualified and experienced aromatherapist, Kate from ORA Aromatherapy who also custom makes the Revitalising Toner Mist that i follow with. I also use the Peeper Perfector Under Eye Oil.

I usually make a coffee to allow my toner mist and oil to sit and sink, then follow up with SEED + SOUL Calm The Face Down Moisturiser. Even if I'm not leaving the house I have been trying to make a habit of adding the Luxe Lash Mascara by Blac Cosmetics and the Mellow Cosmetics Tinted Brow Gel.

If I'm heading outside for a walk (let's be honest that doesn't happen much), I'll use some Blac Cosmetics Tinted SPF Moisturiser. If I'm really pushing the boat out (and going to the supermarket) I'll use the Blac Cosmetics Under Eye Primer and Organic Primer with the Organic Foundation and some Mellow Cosmetics Baked Blush.

I have put all of these goodies together in a collection that can be found here. And I've also got a post that runs through my evening routine that can be found here.