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My Evening Routine

by Renee Johansen |

In the interest of full transparency I need to admit that lately, my entire evening routine has only consisted of using the Magic Minky Cleaning Cloth. But when I'm putting in some effort (and I should be!) I use the Botanical Cleansing Oil and then follow with the Magic Minky.

When I'm under the pump and not prioritising self care, is when I really need to be using the Soothing Steam & Soak. This blend was created by qualified and experienced aromatherapist, Kate from ORA Aromatherapy who also custom makes the Calming Toner Mist which is a necessity (I promise).

I brush my teeth while my toner does its thing and then follow with the Turn Back Time Tonic because it's great for my pigmentation. Please note: the dropper lid means it isn't ideal for traveling with, and so I use my Botanical Cleansing Oil as a serum.

My morning routine uses a few more products, you can find a post about those cruelty free products here. If you have any questions about anything you see here, please don't hesitate to get in touch.